Hi y’all! I cannot even tell you how much I love my friends! This blog already makes me sooooo happy and I really hope it does the same for you!

me and the boys!

I turned 30 this year and I’m the oldest of this bunch! So that obviously means the wisest right?! So here are 10 quick facts about me:

1. I seriously love Texas and Texas history. It honestly came as a huge shock to me that other states don’t take Texas history in the 7th grade.

2. I can’t bend the 4th toe on my right foot unless I concentrate beyond belief.

3. My parents adopted me when I was 2 weeks old!

4. I have a dent in my forehead from falling on a rock when I was little.

5. I always sing the National Anthem at games, even though it’s just me and all the elderly singing. You should start.

6. When I get really tired, really comfortable, or really nervous, my West Texas accent comes out a lot more.

7. I truly could take a nap at any place, at any moment, and would almost always love to do so.

8. I hate migraines.

9. I read Runner’s magazine every month hoping that will be the month to inspire me to actually become a runner.

10. I learned what Y2k stood for a good 4 years after it was over.

Captivating stuff right??? ha! Super ready to get to know you too!

Read more about about me here! :)




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