The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

My favorite part of the day is right when Sinclair wakes up in the morning. She is seriously so adorable. All we have to say is ‘good morning’ in a scary and annoying high pitched voice and her face will light up without fail. Have I mentioned that she has the most incredible smile?

Sinclair still clearly hates tummy-time…but ROLLED OVER THIS WEEK!!! She can only roll from back to tummy. Then, once she is on her tummy….just lays there. We are so proud. And we’re freaking out because she’s getting too big. OMG those lips are gonna be trouble.

We had a garage sale this weekend. I’ll blog more about that later. We sold a bunch of our stuff  and made some mad cash.

Tyler and I will celebrate our two year anniversary tomorrow, the 17! We share our anniversary (just a few years behind) with Amanda-which is awesome. We took advantage of the grandparents being in town and went out on Sunday without Sinclair. It was a much needed date for the both of us! We went to Breadwinners for breakfast. That place is super yummy. The best thing about this place is that you get breakfast appetizers- little pieces of cinnamon rolls and muffins- before you order! After breakfast, we went home so I could feed Sinclair, hahaha. This little stinker is refusing to take a bottle. She took one about six weeks ago when I went back to work for a week, but now she wants nothing to do with them. Any suggestions?? We said goodbye to the baby again and went to the movies!! We hadn’t been to the movies together for over 5 months! It was so fun. We saw “Safety Not Guaranteed”. It was the quirkiest, strangest, and most endearing little movie. You should see. It was a great early anniversary date. Happy 2 years, Tyler. Thanks for working hard for our family, making me laugh, and giving me a baby. Love you.




3 responses to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. Mere…I want to see that movie so bad I love that Aubrey girl that’s on parks and rec. I’m so jealous that you got to see it! Also, Sinclair is adorable and so are you and Tyler. This is the first post that you’ve written that hasn’t made my eyes sting. Thanks.

  2. I cannot believe that you did so amazing during your garage sale!! Mere! Talk about excellent timing on some cash! And Sinclair is already rolling over?! Sheeeeeshhhh… She is so wonderful :)

  3. So happy you and Tyler got married :) It’s blessing to watch your family grow! Now, I am off work on Friday if y’all need a date night!

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