Oliver is Three!

img_4064 My little buddy boy is three! He is so, so hard to deal with most of the time, but I could not love him more. He is non-stop energy, 100% silly and the sweetest little heart. He is the only person I know that can make me so angry I want to cry and then make me melt to a puddle in the same minute. Poop is his favorite thing to talk about, but he’s also really into telling stories about a magical forrest. Sometimes the stories are spooky, sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re both. He also loves reading stories (usually the same ones over and over), playing with swords, watching movies, breaking things and making messes. He doesn’t listen to Ryan or me much at all, but listens to every word Rose says. She is his favorite. They definitely fight, but they love each other so much. He is hilarious, too. Some of my favorite things he’s said lately are:

-“I like chicken lollipops.” (he was talking about corndogs)

-“I tell you one thing. If I taste this and it’s yuck, I will not eat anymore bites. Okay?”

-he calls snow cones “smoke combs”, and the Paramout Theater the “Paramountain”

I’ll have to update this list…I’m having a hard time thinking of all the funny stuff that comes out of his mouth. img_4068 We asked him what kind of birthday cake he wanted and he immediately said “a pink cake with a rainbow on top”. I LOVED that he said that. I hope he always loves things that are unexpected and a quirky. I had to put a little work into making it happen, but he got the cake he wanted. And he also got a scooter. He’s getting so big, but he also still has a squishy belly and can’t pronounce is letters very well. He is ALL BOY, but such a sweetie. He loves to cuddle and give kisses, but will toot on you if he gets a chance. He is perfect.


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