Sunday Love

img_2689 So, I had a baby! And it was only 4 months ago! haha. She is perfect. She came fast and not painlessly at all…but that’s what babies do, right? I got to the hospital (after pacing around my house and yard for several hours) at about 8:00pm on Saturday, June 25th and after the nurse made me answer SO MANY QUESTIONS, my water broke and everything after that is sort of a blur. Sunday Love Feerer (Sunnie) was in my arms at 9:32pm. There was no time for medication of any kind, so there was a little screaming and Ryan may have had a few bruises on his hands from me squeezing them. She screamed for a long time and had Ryan and I both nervous, but she is the sweetest little baby there ever was. Ryan cried right when he saw her (like, really CRIED) because she looks exactly like her big sister. Looking at her took us both back to the night Rose was born and it was emotional, for sure. As soon as he held her, she was silent. It was the sweetest moment. I was finally able to nurse her (I had to be cleaned up before holding her because she pooped ALL OVER ME right when she born), she latched on and stayed there for about 2 hours. It took her us a while to decide on her name, but I love what we settled on. She is our little sunshine. img_2793 Rose and Oliver are OBSESSED with her. I thought it was just her newness that they loved, but 4 months later they’re still so excited about her. I love watching them love her. It also makes me crazy sometimes (SO MUCH TOUCHING), but mostly I think it’s sweet. Rose refuses to call her Sunnie, and only refers to her as Sunday Love. Oliver calls her Sunnie Girl and he is so protective of her. She’s the luckiest little lady. img_0694img_0742img_3002 She also has dark hair!!! I love, love, love my big kids blonde hair, for sure, but it ‘s a little exciting to have a baby that will possibly look like me. Even if she doesn’t, she’ll be beautiful. I just know it.

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