I was born in Nebraska. I have lived in a lot of cities and houses.  I am Polish.  I have a big sister and a little brother, which makes me a middle child.  I am a Scorpio. My favorite color is yellow and my favorite number is 4.  Sometimes I want to cuss but I just use the first letter of the cuss word instead. Other times, I use the whole word on accident. I am a little too honest and it gets me into a lot of trouble. I just try to be as real as possible and I appreciate when others do the same. We just got a minivan even though we swore we never would. I have absolutely no fashion sense or home decoration style and its kind of embarassing. I would rather shop for my kids than myself. I hate folding laundry. I also hate when people honk at you because you don’t start going fast enough when the light turns green. I love knowing God and want to know Him more. If I had more free time (and some money,) I would join a gym, go to the movies by myself, get a lot of manicures, and travel. A few of my current weaknesses are iced soy lattes, Kroger’s California rolls, and (as always) fro-yo.  I am a wanna-be runner. I have more than one best friend.  The following things make me happy:  the Lord, my family, shopping at Baby Gap with Mere, an obsessively clean house, Sunday School, pediatric nursing, fireworks, spicy food, family walks, live music, and my fellow bloggers. There’s more here!

xoxo, H



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