Meet the Martin’s


Hi y’all :) My name is Amanda and I seriously am so excited about this! I turned 30 this year and even though I’m the elder of this group (not by much Mere!!) I still feel like I’m 17…just a little wiser maybe :) I have recently turned into a reader, and so i kind of feel like I’m writing an author bio right now! Um, so let’s start with a pic:


This is me. I really really love Jesus and am still trying to learn to be more like Christ. I think Texas is the greatest state in all the land :) I basically liked every movie I’ve ever been to, which the exception of 2. I got a library card and use it like my life depended on it. I am still trying to become a runner. I work as a counselor at an elementary school, and before that I taught high school for 6 years. Trying hard not to spill all about me but I know I need to save some golden nuggets for later posts right?! Moving on then.


This is my handsome husband Wes. :) This picture makes me laugh. It’s a great pic but he looks so hard core and that is so not him! Haha He is actually amazing and extremely thoughtful. He had played in different bands up until about 2 years ago as a guitar player. Now he still plays a lot of guitar freelance, but produces albums and does studio work mainly. And he also has our boys during the day when I’m at work, and being a working from home dad is not for the faint of heart.


And this is our oldest kid, Eli. :) Right now he is 4 1/2 and could not be more kind hearted. He does rough and tumble with his brother, but if you even make him feel the slightest amount of negativity then he will beg for forgiveness. He loves to ride his bike and we are about to start working on no training wheels. He potty trained himself when he was 3 when Mere and I were on a girls trip! He can memorize song lyrics faster than anyone I know, and when he gets comfortable around you he might even sing them with you :)


And here is Judah. He is 2 1/2 and is a firecracker. He is definitely different from Eli. :). He loves to hang upside down, jump off things, and just learned to ride his tricycle. He spends a lot of time chasing Hayes around the house and quoting Peppa Pig.


And here are our pups :) Ebony is the little Min Pin and I got her as a surprise for my 21st birthday! She barks a lot and always wants to snuggle under a blanket. Hayes is the big Border Collie/Aussie mix. He will be about 2 years old in the fall. We rescued him from an agency near here and he has been one of our greatest decisions :)

Ok. So I feel like that could have had some more pep. Honestly I turned on a cartoon for the kids when I started this and they are banging on the door now so I had to stick to the facts! I cannot wait for my next post and to read what the much wittier rest of the girls have to say! Read on friends :)



6 responses to “Meet the Martin’s

    • it’s been a longggg while huh?? And thank you :) and I might be slightly obsessed with every single picture. I still keep picturing Cash as a newborn and I almost get teary eyed (not even kidding) when I see how big he is!!! -A

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