A Few Of My Favorite Things.

I always love when people blog about their favorite things. It’s a little window into who they are and it introduces me to cool things sometimes. So, I’ve been working on a list of a couple of my favorite things for y’all. I would really enjoy a post from my fellow Hatched authors of y’all faves, too….especially those of you we haven’t’ heard from in a while…you hear that, Han, Amanda, Tressie??

1. This song. I’m a bit prideful when it comes to my need for God sometimes and I hate that. I worked through a lot of that in CR, but it still creeps in. This song is a great reminder of how much I do need Him…which is a lot.

All Sons & Daughters – Oh How I Need You

2. Since having a baby, my hygiene has unfortunately taken a hit. I’ll just say it. Sometimes I’m too tired to shower or wash my face. I’ve recently discovered these oil-free face cleansing wipes. They smell amazing, get all the dirt and sweat off of my face when I’m too tired to wash it, and are super convenient.

3. In keeping with the lazy theme, I also sometimes  (a lot) don’t want to cook an elaborate meal. This tomato soup from Trader Joe’s is SO good…and easy. Literally just pour in a bowl and heat.  Paired with grilled cheese……and you’ve got dinner.

4.  Back to the lazy theme. I also sometimes (a lot) don’t like to wear make-up. But, I should wear it most of the time. I discovered this amazing cheek color by Smashbox back when I was still getting paid. Luckily I bought some then because I can’t afford it now. It only takes a tiny amount on your cheeks and they stay rosy all day! It’s a nice little splash of color to your tired face.

5.  I found the most amazing cookie recipe. If you like pumpkin, oatmeal, butterscotch, and deliciousness- you must try these cookies. OMG.

6.  We are huge fans of all Sandra Boynton books. Sinclair’s favorite is the ‘Belly Button Book’. It is adorable and she loves looking at all the pictures of shirtless hippos.

7.  I love beer. But since my darling won’t take a bottle, I don’t get to indulge. So, I’ve had to settle for non-alcoholic beer for now. Have y’all had Texas Select before? It’s actually pretty good…for fake beer.

There you have it. What are some of y’alls favorite things right now??


2 responses to “A Few Of My Favorite Things.

  1. I love this post, Mere. Now I want to do a “favorites” post. It may not be as cool as yours, but oh well! I may need to get some of that smasbox stuff.

  2. Hahaha. There is nothing lazy about being a stay at home mom. There is no time for such luxuries! I seriously need a lesson from you and Cass about how to get Davis to let me read to him. He only wants to eat the books!

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