ImageI decided to start actually trying to do some of the things that I find on Pinterest. I use the recipes pretty often, but that’s about as far as my Pinteresting habit goes in reality. I saw the Socktopus a few days ago and thought it looked pretty easy, so I gave it a shot. It worked out really well because I already had most of the supplies needed to make it, and it is SO EASY!! So easy that I couldn’t find a tutorial, and I still figured it out. Since I wasn’t able to locate a tutorial, I made one! Now all of you can make a Socktopus. Here’s how:

ImageStep One: Gather your materials. You will need socks (I found these for $1 at Target, but you can definitely use one of the hundred you already own), scissors, felt, fabric glue (I’m sure a hot glue gun would work also), cotton stuffing (this huge bag was only $3), and thread.

ImageStep Two: Roll up the end of the sock to just above the heel. I was using a tube sock, so this was necessary. It may not be if you’re using a regular sock.

ImageStep Three: Stuff the sock full of cotton. I used three handfuls on this one, but later made one with only two handfuls and it was great too. The more stuffing you use, the more of an oval shape you’ll get.

ImageStep Four: This is the hardest step, and it’s not even hard at all. Take a piece of thread (about 12 inches) and wrap it around the sock right under where the stuffing ends. When you’ve wrapped it several times, tie a knot in the thread so that it looks like a little sock balloon.

ImageStep Five: Take your scissors and cut the sock off where you want the “tentacles” to end. It’s really up to you how long you want them. I made several, all with different lengths, and they’re all cute. AND, you can use the remaining part that you just cut off as little baby leg warmers in the winter…adorable.

ImageStep Six: Now you get your scissors and cut the tentacles. For those of you who aren’t into science, there should be eight of them. I doubt your child will judge you if you accidentally make too many/too few, but you’ll feel terrible if he/she goes to kindergarten and thinks that an octopus only has seven tentacles and it’s all your fault.

ImageStep Seven: Cut out two circles from each color of felt that you’re using. I used three colors, but you could definitely use two and it would look awesome. Once they’re cut out, glue them together using the fabric glue (or hot glue gun). Obviously, you’ll want the biggest to be on the bottom, and the smallest on top. I didn’t use a pattern or anything for the circles because I don’t care too much about symmetry, but if you want the eyes to be perfect you could trace a bottle cap or something like that.

ImageStep Eight: Glue the eyes onto the Socktopus! Now you just have to wait for the glue to dry and you’re done!!



18 responses to “Socktopus

  1. Cassie…you are so talented!!! What a great idea and I’m so glad you made a tutorial because I don’t think that I could have figured it out! I can’t wait to make one!

  2. aaaaahhhhhh!!!! These are adorable!!!!! I love these and am making some soon!! Great tutorial, also.

    Put a link on Facebook for these babies!!!

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