Feerer Family Update

It’s been a fun week. It started out pretty rough, but it got much better. ImageAs I mentioned earlier this week, we went to Dallas to do a little shopping and hang out with our dearest friends, the Tracy’s…and of course, we did a lot of eating too. This is at Oddfellow’s. It was delicious, and Rose had a great time talking to the man sitting at the bar. He wasn’t quite sure how to react to an 8 month old staring straight at him and talking really loudly. I thought it was hilarious.

ImageWe stayed at a hotel for the first time since having a baby. Hotel’s are one of Ryan’s favorite things and he was excited to stay there, but we learned pretty quickly that it’s not the same with a little one in tow. She was great, but it was hard to be super quiet and move around in the dark after she fell asleep. It was still fun though.

ImageWe ended up coming home after just one night because I got sick. So this picture is pretty much all I saw for the next few days. I hate being sick.

ImageSome of the teachers that I worked with the past couple of years got together for lunch. It was so nice to see everyone and say goodbye to them. Of course, it was sad too. I really was blessed to work with such awesome women.

ImageI made these little bits of heaven. They are mini banana cream pies. There is really nothing hard or fancy at all about them, but making something in a mini version makes them seem more impressive. I will be making them again for sure.

ImageAnd here’s the cutest thing that happened this week…Rose ate a lot of lemons. The first time she tried them, she wasn’t sure about them, but now she LOVES them. Eating out has become much easier since we discovered this.

3 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. Rose is seriously the cutest. I LOVE holding that little bundle of greatness! And I love eating those zero calorie banana cream pies! Not zero calories? Well, abra cadabra! they totally are now!

  2. Oh Cassie… Rose is getting beyond adorable… like she has serious knock out potential! I love all her pictures!!! And banana cream pie pictures made my mouth water. literally.

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