Night Wakings.

We haven’t been sleeping that wonderfully over here in the Tracy house for a good while now. Being a newbie Mom and the worrisome soul that I am, I have had a flood of emotions concerning night wakings. At different times, I’ve been frustrated, tired, confused, annoyed, and concerned. I’ve felt like a bad parent- as if how long your baby sleeps at night somehow correlates with how good of a parent you are. I’ve spent hours trying to analyze Sinclair: Am I putting her to bed too late? Is she hot? Is she cold? Is she teething? Is she hungry? Hahahaha.  I’ve decided that all of this worrying and thinking and analyzing is leaving me more exhausted than a rough night’s sleep.

I’m convinced that God has created Sinclair for us and us for that sweet baby. God is not shocked by her sleeping habits- He created her. He is not confused. He is not worrying about her. He designed her and made her exactly the way she is. I don’t need to ‘train’ her to be different from who God has made her. Sinclair and her sleep patterns at 4 months old are not the problem. I am. I too often forget to rely on the Lord for my wisdom and for energy.  God is using my baby to make me less selfish and more patient. I’ll stop ranting now.

I’ve enjoyed reading this book a bit. William and Martha Sears may be on to something here….




5 responses to “Night Wakings.

  1. Mere…you are such a great mommy…Sinclair is lucky! I love dr. Sears and always felt encouraged by him. Also, has some good resources on sleeping and nursing.

  2. I love you so much for posting this. And I love Sinclair for waking up and not making me feel like something is wrong with Rose cause she is 8 months and does the exact same thing. you two are a blessing.

  3. Keep up the good work, mere! Sinclair loves you so much that she wants to see you every 1.5 hours no matter what time it is!! Try to remember–these sleepless nights will only last for approx 1/18 of her childhood :)

  4. You are the most precious thing ever Mere! Now… thinking back to night wakings isn’t exactly helping my ideas of having another baby… haha… but then I just think of how cute all y’all’s kids are and that just brings me back to how amazing babies are. I love you!

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