Rose is 4!

IMG_0063  It’s been nearly two months, but Rose is FOUR!!! She is just now starting to admit that she isn’t three anymore, so I am too. So far, four is awesome (mostly). At four years old she is…

-obsessed with fashion and all things clothing related. She changes clothes at least 20 times every single day (as usual), but now she wants to look at pictures of outfits on my phone or the iPad and try to recreate them with clothes from her own closet. She is actually really good at it and I’m usually impressed by the stuff she puts together. Of course, there are some that are pretty silly, but I’ve even had friends tell me that they wish they had the outfits she is wearing…and they’re ALWAYS things she’s done herself. I got her some fashion books for Christmas and she looks at them constantly and is begging for a sewing machine. I hope this isn’t just a phase. It’s so  much fun.

-thinking potty humor is the most hilarious thing in the world and hasn’t figured out what is appropriate and what is 100%, completely inappropriate. How do you teach this??? She sings a made-up song called “My Penis” on repeat. And of course it’s not quiet. She is fully aware that she does not have a penis, but refuses to stop singing it. Tooting as loudly as she can is also something she’s become proud of. I blame her dad. Sorry if you or your child hears it and feel offended. I’m trying. I promise.

-is so excited to have a baby sister! She tells the baby good morning every morning and wants to kiss my belly before bed every night. I think she’s going to be the best big sister for this girl. Oliver and the baby are both so lucky to have her.

-really into learning the ABCs and counting everything. I didn’t really think this would ever happen, and the teacher in me is so happy. She makes a lot of mistakes, but she is trying so hard. She’s even getting pretty good at writing her name!

-the sweetest little girl in the world. For real. She pushes my buttons more than anyone, and we fight like sisters sometimes, but she is my very best friend. I don’t know anyone with a sweeter little heart than hers. She is super shy with other people and I think it comes across as her being rude sometimes, but she is really just very unsure of herself and doesn’t know what to say to people. She loves people though. She is always concerned that she made someone sad or hurt them. She also loves to make gifts for people. Her daddy is usually the recipient of the gifts, but if you’ve met her, she’s most likely made something for you and lost it before had a chance to give it to you.

-still loves to eat most vegetables. At least once a week she has a salad for lunch and is totally happy about it. She doesn’t like butter or most cheeses though. It makes cooking a meal a little challenging, but I can’t complain.

I know there are so many things I’m forgetting to include in this. I also know that no matter how hard to try, I will never be able to put into words how incredible she is and how lucky I feel to be her mom. She is the best.


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