The Beginning of Fall

IMG_4728 IMG_4727 

The last few weeks (or maybe it’s been longer than that) have been super fun and super busy. We went to the fair and had a blast. We spent way more money than we wanted to, but I guess that should be expected. We had fried junk for dinner and at least a gallon of soda, and the kids got to ride a few rides each. My favorite part was the ferris wheel. It was such a pretty night and Rose’s little face was precious when she realized we were up really high. She loved being able to see all the swimming pools in people’s back yards. We also took a quick trip to Dallas to visit the aquarium and do a little fall shopping. The aquarium was cool, but the shopping was pretty unsuccessful. It was still a great family day though. I also turned 33. Birthdays are so much fun to me. I probably won’t think that when I turn 40, but for now Iove them. IMG_4730IMG_4729 Rose Update: It’s hard raising yourself. For real. Every day I realize how much alike we are and it makes me so scared for her teenage years. I was not fun to deal with. The closer we get to 4 though, the better it gets. Even though she is a master of talking back and getting an attitude, she is the sweetest little girl ever. Her little heart is just so thoughtful and kind. It still doesn’t really feel like fall around here, but she is insisting on dressing for the season rather than the weather (because she is me). Her pattern mixing skills are getting so good. She got a pair of high heels to wear with her halloween costume and when she saw them she said “I might cry because I love these so much!” It was adorable. She also got her first haircut! It looks almost exactly the same, but she swears it looks just like Taylor Swift. Lately, every day when I tell her it’s time to lay down and rest (she’s not napping anymore), she asks if we can lay together an talk for a little while before I leave the room. I always have a list of things I need to get done during that time, but how can I say no??? It’s become one of my favorite parts of the day. IMG_4732IMG_4731 Oliver Update: He’s TWO!!! I’ll do a more detailed update on him by himself soon…hopefully. He is 100% two-year-old, but also such a little sweetie.  I can’t get enough of his chubby little belly and squishy cheeks. I wish I could keep him exactly where he is right now, forever.


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