Oliver is 2!!!

IMG_4790  This little cutie turned 2 nearly two weeks ago. He is the best little boy in the world. He still loves to climb and will most likely make me have a heart attack at some point, but look at that smile. Its perfect. He is talking so much and having little conversations with everyone. Most people don’t really understand a lot of what he is saying, but we do. Today our neighbors drove by an waved and he said “look! Eveebody wavin at me!” He really likes the word “everybody”, and uses it way more often than he should. If Rose is singing, he’ll say “Eveebody singin!”. Our favorite thing that he says is “Ackally no.” (actually no). The best part is that he uses it correctly and it is hilarious every time. He also likes to get Rose in trouble. He does a really good fake cry every time she touches him. And almost every time he’ll say that “Rosie push me”…it’s usually not true. Poor Rose. He does love her so much though. She can make him laugh more than anyone, and he will not go to bed without giving her a hug. I love their sweet (and sometimes not sweet at all) relationship. He ruins almost anything he touches. Sometimes on purpose (he LOVES to tear things up, throw things in the sink, an hit things with hammers), and sometimes by accident because he is so, so clumsy. He falls at least 20 times every single day. There have been a few times that he’s standing completely still and somehow just falls over. It’s a miracle that he hasn’t broken any bones. His face almost always has some sort of bruise or scratch on it though. He is starting to look less like a baby and I hate it so much. His legs are getting skinny and his cheeks are getting slimmer. He is so beautiful, but I miss those little chubby baby legs. He still loves birds, eating, reading books (mostly Daniel Tiger books), watching Frozen, singing, and running more than anything. I hope all of those things continue. Well, I could be ok with a little less Frozen in my life, but all the other stuff needs to stay. Every night when I put him in bed he whispers “cudda me, cudda me. ” (cuddle me) or “lay wif me”…and of course I can’t say no. So bed time takes way longer than it should, but these are the things I’ll wish for when he’s older. He’s just the best kid. He is perfect.


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