Summer is over.

Screenshot 2015-08-29 12.34.30 The end of the summer was quick and I’m sad it’s over. We had indoor picnics (because it’s WAY too hot to have an outdoor one), took early morning walks around town, spent plenty of time at the museum (or any other indoor areas that are fun), and the kids found new ways to have fun at home, because of the heat, of course. They are obsessed with playing baby right now. Rose is usually the mommy and she wraps Oliver up and tries to carry him. One of them almost always gets hurt and then they do it again. Lately they’ve been getting along so much better than usual, and I love it. Rose has become super protective of him. It’s adorable. If he gets in trouble, she cries and tells us we are so mean. Even if he’s in trouble for hitting her  or something. They are best friends. I hope it’s always like this.

Oh, and Ryan had his appendix taken out after a 10 hour wait in the ER waiting room. It was a crazy couple of days, but he’s healing and should be back to his regular self soon. He can’t lift either of our kids for an entire month though, so I may need a recovery period soon, too.

Screenshot 2015-08-29 12.34.39 Rose Update: We have been so proud of this little girl lately. She’s trying so hard to make friends and talk to people more. It’s not at all easy for her, and I totally get how she feels when she’s standing there trying to figure out what to say or do. Being shy really sucks sometimes. She’s told us several times lately that she wants to have more friends and that she doesn’t want to be lonely (which is so sad and sweet), so we’ve been trying to teach her how to approach other kids and be a friend to them. It’s working! She’s still super reserved and prefers to listen rather than talk, and she will most likely always be that way. We love seeing her try though. She’s also been super silly and hilarious lately. She makes up words that she thinks sound cool and dances like a maniac. Her grandparents bought her a little guitar for Christmas last year, and we just pulled it out of the closet for her a week or two ago, and she has been walking around playing songs for us ever since. We both really want her to have some sort of musical talent, so maybe this love for guitar will stick. She also really, really, really wants a baby sister. We aren’t sure that’s gonna happen. When we asked her why she wanted one so badly, she told us “so we can lay in bed and talk while we go to sleep at night”…isn’t that the best? Hopefully she can do that with Oliver soon.  Screenshot 2015-08-29 12.34.48 Oliver Update: terrible twos are a very real thing for us right now. He is still the sweetest little mama’s boy ever, but oh my goodness. He says “NO!”  to everything, hates going to bed (even when he’s beyond exhausted), dumps or pours out every single thing that he can, tears up anything important (he doesn’t seem to be interested in ripping apart trash or things we don’t care about), hitting, pushing, climbing, and basically just being a complete nut whenever he can. He is so funny, too, though. And he loves babies. Lately he wants to carry a baby doll around with him and says “awwwww” over and over. It’s pretty sweet. And he loves Frozen. He’s OBSESSED, actually. He still sleeps with us for the majority of the night, and is the cuddliest little sleeper. He doesn’t wake up much at all, but he somehow knows if he isn’t touching one of us and will scoot his little body over until he makes contact. Someday he’ll sleep in his own bed and I will miss these cuddly nights with him.

His hair is getting a little out of control. I’m in love with his crazy curls (and a little jealous of them, too), and I know they need to be cut soon, but HOW??? This would be his third haircut, so I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time with it.


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