18 Months

P1110413  Oliver is 18 months old! He is perfect and so, so adorable. In the past few days people have been saying how he all of the sudden looks older and it’s true. I think he is getting taller and losing his chubby cheeks. I really hate it. His hair seems to get curlier and curlier the longer it gets, so at least that part of him growing is good. At 18 months he is:

-climbing on EVERYTHING. It drives me crazy. I’ve had to hide every stool in the house and usually have to rearrange furniture at least once a day to keep him from getting into something dangerous.

-still not the best eater, but slowly improving. Eggs, cottage cheese, spaghetti, bananas and yogurt are his favorites.

-biting. ugh. How do I teach him to stop biting?? He has actually made Rose bleed before. She may have totally deserved it, but still…

-hitting. ugh, again. He mostly only hits me when I tell him no or stop, and he almost always cries and hugs me afterward because he feels bad, but it’s still not ok.

-babbling ALL THE TIME. I love it. He is constantly having a conversation. Sometimes with us, sometimes with Rose, sometimes with a toy, sometimes with himself. My favorite is when it sounds like real words or when we ask him a question and he says something that sounds real.

-knows all of his body parts and loves to point them out to everyone. His belly button is his favorite.

-running all the time, and his run is the cutest thing I have ever seen. For real.

-copying everything Rose does. It’s the sweetest when she’s playing with her babies and he picks one up and starts doing what she’s doing (patting its back, pretending to nurse, etc.).

-knows a few colors. blue and yellow are the only ones he says spontaneously, but occasionally he’ll point out purple or black if we ask him to.

-loves reading books, but he is very particular about the books he’ll sit down for. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, any of the Llama Llama books, any book with real pictures of animals, and The Itsy Bitsy Spider are just about the only ones he likes enough to listen to.

-starting to try to sing songs. When we sing, he gets really excited and repeats what we say (really, he just repeats the last word of each line) and gets so excited. He’ll usually walk around singing (or yelling) those words for a while after we’re done, too.

He is so much fun and so silly all the time. He is also the sweetest, most loveable little boy ever. We are so thankful for his happy spirit and all of the laughter that he brings into our family.

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