Rose is Funny.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 3.17.07 PM She looks super serious in this photo, but she is actually the funniest little girl. Here are some silly things she’s said lately:

Me: Rose, you look so pretty in that dress.

R: I do. I am the most princess I have ever seen.


R: I have boobies, but they are tiny.

Me: yes, but they’re supposed to be tiny when you’re a little girl.

R: You have boobies, too, but yours are long.

Me (laughing): true.

R: Brother has tiny boobies, like me. And daddy has boobies, too. His are a little bit long.


Me: What did you learn in class today?

R: I learned how to listen to Jesus. I only did that a little bit though.


R: Mommy, I want some piggies in a sheet.

Me: Ummm, what?

R: I want to eat some piggies in a sheet.

Me: (after several minutes of her repeating this, and me trying so hard to figure out what the heck she was talking about) OH!!! You want to eat some pigs in a blanket!


R: I don’t love brother.

Ryan: Ok. I guess he can go live somewhere else. I’ll go pack his clothes and toys.

R: (tearing up) NO! He has to live here at my home.


R: (while putting on her slippers from her friend, Davis) These are great slippers my friend, Davis, game me. I am going to get so pregnant this week.


And here are a couple of not-so-nice things she’s said lately…

-(when I told her she could not wear a princess dress to run errands) Well, I am going to call daddy cause he is not mean.

-(after putting her in time out) I don’t love you anymore, mommy.

^^I knew she’d say that eventually, and I honestly thought it would so much harder to hear  than it was. I mean, I didn’t like it, but I wasn’t crushed.


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