Happy New Year!

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.36.07 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.35.46 PM It’s probably time to stop saying Happy New Year and start saying Happy Valentine’s Day, but oh well. It’s been a lovely year so far and I’m hoping it just keeps getting better. We celebrated the start of 2015 at home in our pj’s, which is my ideal way of celebrating if it’s cold and icy. A few days later we had an actual celebration at Ryan’s new business endeavor, Public Haus! It is awesome and we love hanging out there when we can. Bringing the kids is crazy though…I guess kids and bars are kept separate for a reason. As usual, the weather has been unpredictable and insane, but we’ll take 70 degrees anytime we can get it. Our yard is still a disaster, but we get outside as much as we can and my kids are totally giddy when I open the door and let them run. A house full of stickers is worth it…most of the time.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.35.25 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.35.36 PM Rose Update: I heard a term the other day that describes her perfectly…threenager. Yes, its cheesy, but so, so true. She tells me all the time that she is a grown up, not a baby. I kindly remind her that she is, in fact, only three and three is not grown up. Then she slams a door or sighs as loudly as she can to let me know that I am the most annoying person on the planet. But then 2 minutes later she plays with my hair and tells my I smell good and that we can be best friends for ever. Or that she loves me the most. And all is forgotten. Until it happens again 10 minutes later. She is a handful, but she is so funny and silly and can make me laugh harder than anyone I know. She is constantly saying hilarious things, so instead of trying to make you read them all here, Ill just do a separate post. She’s started to learn the letters of the Alphabet and she is totally into it. So far we’ve only covered A and B, but she points them out all over town when we’re running errands. She also started ballet!!! It is the most adorable thing in the universe to see a tiny little girl try to dance gracefully. She’s the youngest in her class and the other girls have all been in ballet since August, so she’s got some catching up to do. I was afraid she’d be self-conscious and not want to go back after her first class, but she didn’t notice at all. She loves it and gets so excited to go back every week. She’s already improved so much and I’m so proud of her for being such a hard worker.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.34.58 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.35.55 PM Oliver Update: He is big. And his hair is, too. Right now, he weighs what Rose weighed when she turned 2. All of his pants are too short and his shirts are tight, but he is just precious. We have found that it is almost impossible to find shoes that fit his abnormally wide feet. The only success we’ve had is with leather moccasins…they’re super cute, but he cant wear soft-soled shoes his whole life. What do we do??? He is saying new words all the time. His latest are duck (sounds like “dut”), more (“mah”), boot (“but”), boo, mouth (“mow”), stop (“top”), and shhh (he mostly says those last two to Rose). We’ve been working on sleep for a while with very little improvement, and I’m so tired. He is so sweet when he wakes up all night, but I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Mama needs a nap. He still eats everything…and is doing better with eating actual food, too. He still prefers paper and chalk, but at least he’ll swallow a couple bites of banana now. Every day he looks and acts more like a toddler and it makes me so sad to see, but happy at the same time. I want to squeeze his chubby little body constantly he gets way more kisses than he’d like, but he seriously is growing too fast. Make it stop!!!!


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