Thanksgiving and Everything Since…

IMG_0965   Since the title of this post is Thanksgiving and Everything Since… I guess I should talk about Thanksgiving first. It seems so like it was so long ago. I can’t really remember many of the details. We woke up super early that morning (okay, normal early for us, but to everyone else 5:30am is super early), and drove 4.5 hours north to visit Ryan’s parents and spend a few days with his family. We ate too much, didn’t sleep near enough, played outside as much as possible, and watched the kids play/fight with their cousin for four days. It was almost everything Thanksgiving should be. It wasn’t cold, so that was a bummer. Rose found the flower girls dress from our wedding and wore it around for most of the time that we were there. It’s crazy that it fits her now. That bottom right picture is right before we left to head there on Thanksgiving morning…it was too early for smiles or brushed hair.

We were ready to start Christmas celebrations and festivities when we got back home, so we went to get a tree and headed to a Christmas parade with friends. Both my kids were a little sickly, so they just hung out in my lap for most of it, but it was really fun. We drank hot chocolate and laughed a lot. Christmas time is the best.

IMG_0969          IMG_0968  Oliver Update: He is the most wonderful little guy ever. For real. He is getting so much personality and it is awesome. We laugh SO MUCH with him around. I think with every day that passes, he becomes sillier and sillier and it is absolutely a blessing to have such a little ham living in the same house with Rose and I (who tend to be a little quick-tempered). He does this cheesy, scrunchy-faced smile all the time cause he knows I’ll laugh, and it’s my favorite. Actually, we all laugh at it, so he walks around to each of us several times a day and just looks at us with that sweet face. He is saying more and more words. His latest are “bye bye” (sounds like “bubba”), Papa (my dad), nose (sounds like “no”, but he’s pointing at a nose when he says it), and when he plays with the stethoscope from Rose’s doctor kit, he says “bum bum” when he holds it up to your chest. Playing with Rose is still his favorite thing in the world, especially when she’s ticking him or making silly faces at him. They are precious together.  IMG_0967IMG_0966  Rose Update: So, I’ve heard from so many people that three year olds are harder than two years olds, so I was pretty prepared for that to be true. Good thing I was, because so far, it’s true. She’s started fighting naps and getting really mad when it’s time to go to sleep. That has never been an issue. Maybe she’s outgrowing them? Ugh. I hope not. When she’s mad at me (which is SO MUCH) she says things like “You don’t every say that to me again or you will gret (regret) it!” I promise that has never been said to her, so we have no idea where she heard it. She also tells me to “Stop talking” a lot. Of course I then say “No.” and try to think of other stuff to say so that I don’t actually stop talking. All that stuff makes it hard, but there is so much goodness and sweetness in her, too. She is almost always in costume, and even when she is wearing normal clothes (aka a dress, because everything else is “not beautiful”), she is in character. Even though her hair barely touches her shoulders, she tells me a few times every day that her hair is getting so long like Rapunzel.  She is really into weddings right now, too, and gets married to daddy at least a few times a week. One day Ryan got one of those fake credit cards in the mail and asked Rose if she wanted to put it in her purse. She immediately said “oh, yes. I need that for my wedding.” Ha! How did she even know to say that?? Her obsession with ballet is still going, and it’s adorable. She also LOVES our Christmas tree and just sits by it and strokes the branches. Her little heart may break when we have to get rid of it. When we ask what she wants for Christmas, she either says “mmm’s and gum” or “everything”. We don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Her little heart is so sweet and she makes sure we all know she loves us as much as she can.


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