Rose is Three.

P1110094  How the heck does this happen so fast?? It is crazy. Last night I went in her room to check on her before I crawled into bed, which is no different than any other night, but last night I just couldn’t stop staring at her sweet little sleeping face. It was her last night to go to sleep as a two year old. It was my last night to have a two year old little girl. I didn’t cry, surprisingly. This morning when we went in her room to sing Happy Birthday, I still didn’t cry. It wasn’t until tonight when we were trying to get her to sleep and we sang it again that I got a little teary. And it was because she cried. Seeing your little 3 year old get tears in her eyes when you sing the birthday song is just the sweetest thing in the world. She was most likely crying from exhaustion alone, but still…

At 3 years old she is…

-SUPER independent. The girl refuses to have help with anything at all. All day, every day, I watch her try so hard to do things like get dressed, get on and off the potty, figure out how things work or how to do things. Sometimes it’s frustrating (mostly when we’re in a hurry), but I love her determination.

-so, so sweet. She tells us she loves us all the time, and I could seriously NEVER get tired of hearing it. She is also sweet to her brother, which is the best. Yesterday they were playing together under the table and she said “Brother, you are such amazing little boy”. Adorable. Every night at dinner they scream back and forth at each other and take turns laughing so hard. It’s so loud and hurts my ears a little, but at the end Rose always says “Friends forever!” and then it’s all totally worth it. I can always count on her to tell me I look pretty or that my hair smells good. She’s a good confidence booster.

-Obsessed with toots. She thinks the word “toot” is the funniest thing ever and randomly throws it into sentences. It rarely makes sense, but it gets a laugh every single time.

-also obsessed with ballet still. I took her to see a performance of The Nutcracker and I thought she may get bored or hate it. She got a little restless toward the end (it was over 2 hours long), but she really loved it. She changes into a ballerina outfit right when she wakes up every morning, and requests to listen to ballerina music all day.

-becoming a very picky eater. She was always the best eater and would try anything we put in front of her. People always commented on how lucky we were to have such a good eater. Well, not anymore. It’s annoying. I make meals that I am 100% positive that she likes, and she’ll just flat out refuse to eat it. At least once a day I think about how much money and food is being wasted in our house. I have no idea how to fix this, but I’m determined to figure it out.

-eating all the time. For real. Every 20-30 minutes she asks for a snack. I try to only offer healthy snacks so that I know she is at least benefitting from all of the eating, but it’s hard to always be cutting up fruit or thinking of new things for her to eat that she’ll actually want. If I say no to her snack request, she usually cries and says “Please!! I’m so hungry!” and I honestly have no idea if she is actually hungry. Then I end up feeling guilty because what if she is hungry?? How do I know?? Can anyone help me figure this out???

She is amazing. Her brain is constantly working and creating things that are hilarious and smart and sometimes really weird, and I love to hear about the things that she comes up with. She is incredibly hard to deal with sometimes (a lot of the time, actually), and I yell a lot more than I’d like to, but she makes me the happiest mommy in the world and I wouldn’t change a single thing about her.


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