Oliver is one!

IMG_7385  One year ago today we welcomed the sweetest, most wiggly, silliest little boy into the world. He came really quick and has proven to be quick about almost everything he does. He rolled over at 4 weeks, sat up at 5 months, crawled at 5 months, and took off walking at 10 months. Saying real words came a little later, and so did smiling, but once he started he just couldn’t stop. He’s consistently kept me on my toes and rarely gives me a break, but he’s a little energetic ball of giggles and and squeals that I love more and more every single day. I honestly can’t imagine our lives without him. He brings us so much more joy than we ever thought possible. Even Rose. She’d argue that if she was capable, but I know she loves him and would be lost without him. And he absolutely feels the same way about her. I hate that this year went by so fast, but I am excited to see what the next year brings. Happy birthday my little love! Ps-keep scrolling to see a few more pictures from his first year. He’s such a cutie.

IMG_7442 P1080722 P1090307 P1090632 P1090777 P1100326 IMG_0073 IMG_0347 P1100966


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