Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 8.42.14 PM  As I mentioned before, we got a dog. Because moving into a house that is still under construction with a two year old and a baby wasn’t really challenging me enough. I needed another reason to pick up things off of the floor and another mouth to feed. Good news! I’m definitely feeling challenged enough now.

His name is Crumbs and he actually is super cute. He is a total handful, but he is precious and the kids (mostly Rose) love him. Puppies are not my favorite. I LOVE dogs. Puppies, though, just drive me crazy most of the time. When they’re sleeping they are perfect little creatures from heaven, but the chewing everything up (seriously, everything.), tackling Oliver, playful biting (that really does hurt a little), constant barking, and potty training are not fun at all.

We (or Ryan) wanted to get the kids a puppy for their birthdays, and I agreed as long as he promised to do the potty training. We found a breeder that was having a litter in late October, which was exactly when we were wanting one. Right between their birthdays. Well, the breeder called in mid-August and told us that there had been a mix-up and that our puppy was ready to be picked up! Since we really didn’t have a choice, we went and picked him up. The whole way there (the breeder lives a few miles outside of town), Rose kept asking questions like “How is the puppy coming out of your tummy, Mommy?”, “Are we going to the hospital to get our puppy out of your tummy?”, and “When will the puppy be out of your tummy?”. I tried explaining that he wasn’t ever in my tummy, but she just didn’t get it.

Rose named him. She loves the book Alexander and the Windup Mouse, and we read it all the time. In the book the mice go to the kitchen every night to look for crumbs, and I guess she thinks they’re looking for a puppy named Crumbs. When she told us what she wanted to name him, we were confused but thought it was a cute name, so we agreed. When we asked her how she thought of that name, she said “Like my a-sander book.” Still confused, I got out the book and started reading it to myself and quickly realized how she came up with it. I think it’s adorable.


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