Image I really expected life to slow down a bit and give us some time to relax a little during the summer months, but I was so wrong. A few weeks ago we were unexpectedly hit with a major hail storm and both of our cars were totaled. We also decided to start looking at other homes during that time because we were so tired of waiting on a house. It was such a mess and so stressful. It’s all worked out now and this week has actually been nice (it’s only Monday, haha!). I absolutely HATE figuring out insurance stuff and car shopping, so it was miserable…I’m lucky to have a husband who takes care of most of it and lets me just answer a few questions here and there, but I still hated it. On a completely unrelated note- check out Oliver’s thighs up there^^! Oh my goodness. They are cute. And Rose wouldn’t take the picture without her snake.

ImageImage Rose Update: This little girl, who has always been right by my side everywhere we go, is becoming so brave and starting to break away from me little bits at a time when we go out. It is both amazing and a little sad. I love to see her go sit with her friends or dance with a group of kids at the library, and it is so sweet to see her glance over at me every few minutes to make sure I’m still there. I also love to see the proud look on her face when she does something new or exciting. I really think having a brother who is fearless is helping her overcome some of her anxieties. Also, we met William Joyce! We love to read books, and he wrote some of our favorites. We were actually downtown for an even honoring him when our car was destroyed by hail, but it was worth it. He was so kind and said over and over how adorable Rose was (he probably says that about all the kids he meets, but still…). Rose is still really into choosing her own outfits. Those are a couple of my favorites pictured above. She threw a fit when I wouldn’t let her leave the house in the snowman pajamas, but it was over 100 degrees outside. I am trying so hard to let her express herself and wear whatever she wants, but it is truly hard for me. Today she wore a swimsuit top over a romper and attempted to wear tights over that, but again it was too hot. She settled for santa socks with her sandals. I’m having a hard time finding a balance between giving her freedom to choose and build confidence, and teaching her what is appropriate. She’s only two, so I guess I’ve got plenty of time. She is hilarious, too. A few days ago when I dressed her she looked down at her clothes and said “Mommy, this not looks cool.” What??? How does she even know what that means? I also caught her trying to sneak some sugary popcorn after I’d already told her not to eat any and she said, “No, no, no. You not need to worry. I ok, mommy.” I laughed and turned around. A few minutes later she asked me to pretend I was sleeping and I did (but I didn’t close my eyes all the way) and she tried to sneak some of it again! She is a little toot. I love this age. It is most definitely hard, but it is so silly and fun at the same time.

Image Oliver update: Not a lot has changed since my last update. He is still chubby and so, so sweet. And he still isn’t a good eater or sleeper. Why does teething exist???  He has recently started copying sounds we make. Last week Ryan and I both had cold and were coughing a lot…every time he heard it, he’d start doing a cute little fake cough and giggling.  He’s also been way more clingy lately than he usually is. He normally is perfectly happy playing by himself, but not the last few days. He wants to be in my arms all the time, and the second I put him down he cries. I’m blaming teething for this, too. He also bites now. The biggest problem with this (other than the pain…those tiny teeth HURT.), is that when we tell him to stop, he laughs so hard. It doesn’t matter how firm our voices are or how serious our faces look, he just smiles his big, sweet smile and laughs. And then, of course, we laugh. This is not good. We are also debating on whether or not to cut his hair. His little curls are the cutest, but they are getting a little long and unmanageable. If we do end up giving him a trim, I may need some emotional support…and some tissues.

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