Life Lately…

ImageImage Even though it isn’t officially summer on the calendar, it is definitely summer in Texas. We’re loving it. We’ve already hit 100 degrees a couple of times, and so far, I’m ok with it. Ryan hates it, but somehow I’ve managed to have a happy relationship with the heat this year. I mean, it’s only June, so that could change. Since we have no yard (STILL), we find as many ways to enjoy summer as possible. Rose loves filling up buckets with water and playing in them on the little porch. We also take plenty of trips to the splash pad. Basically, if there is water involved, my kids are happy. We’ve had so much family time, too! It’s been so nice to eat breakfast together, go on family dates, and just sitting around playing.

ImageImage I did a pretty long update on Rose recently, so not a lot has changed. She is still really into picking out her own clothes…I am also really into picking out her clothes, so this is hard for me. I’m trying to let her choose more and more though. She is still obsessed with Frozen, and has named several of her toys/dolls after the characters. When we have company, she often tells them stories about what she’s been doing and gets really dramatic. It’s so funny. Her imagination is still so amazing to me. I’d say that for at least 95% of every day, she is pretending to be someone else and creating a world of pretend things all around her. She’ll say things like “Don’t step here, mommy. There’s snakes!” or she’ll call her bedroom her castle and point to all the decorations on the walls and tell me about them (her walls are completely bare). She will sometimes say “I love you, mommy.” out of the blue, and it is the sweetest thing in the world. We’re having some major issues with her hitting though. Any advice?? Mostly, she is great. I love to hear her stories and hear her singing. I love to watch her be independent and figure things out on her own. I love to watch her make friends. She still thinks the words toot and poop are hilarious, and now adds them on to the end of names…she calls my brother Uncle Tyler-toots all the time, and if she is trying to make me laugh (after she’s been in trouble, usually) she’ll call me mommy-toots. It always works. She’s a smartie.

ImageImage Oliver is 8 months old! I am so in love with every single thing about him right now. His chubby little legs and belly, his silly laugh, the faces he makes when he doesn’t like what’s in his mouth, the way he gets so excited to see me…he’s is just amazing. I would like to just freeze time and let this last a little bit longer. He loves to play and explore. One thing that has been more challenging is that he is completely fearless. Rose always wanted to be right by me and was very cautious of everything and everyone. That made it so easy to take her places because I never really had to worry. Oliver has no worries about leaving me, getting hurt, or anything harmful at all. I guess it’s a boy thing? It is awesome to watch him explore and learn. And it’s also great that his bravery is starting to rub off on Rose a little bit. They fight a lot already, but there are tons of little moments when they giggle or help each other (well, Rose mostly helps him), and those are the moments that make my heart happiest. I know they’ll fight. Probably enough to make me crazy, but I hope to always see those little moments of them being friends and loving each other.


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