2 1/2

Image Today Rose is two and a half. We haven’t really ever celebrated half-birthdays, but Ryan and I are both suckers for celebrations…and if the celebration involves our kids, we’re definitely in. So, we celebrated. But not like actual birthday celebrating. Instead of gifts or cake or anything like that, we decided that we could just do something fun on half-birthdays. Not anything big or fancy, but fun.

ImageImage So, today we painted Rose’s fingernails for the first time ever. She’d been asking about my painted toenails for a while and complimenting them almost daily, so we knew she’d be excited. First, I took her to the grocery store right after breakfast and let her pick out the color she wanted…she ended up picking pink (of course). All morning she was telling me she wanted pink, but I think she was a little overwhelmed with all the different pinks there were. I had to help her narrow it down to a few and let her choose one. When we got in the car to drive home she asked if she could hold it, and then she told me how pretty it was about 100 times in the five minute drive back to the apartment. I told her we had to wait until after her nap to paint them, which was harder than expected. She ended up only sleeping for an hour and immediately saying “I ready to paint my nails pink!” when she woke up. When it was finally time, she threw on a princess dress and then sat perfectly still and was so careful to not touch anything. All afternoon she was saying “Look my pink nails!” and showing everyone we saw. It was so sweet to see her so proud.

Image The nail painting made her so happy that she even let Oliver “help” her color a picture. That alone made me want to paint her nails every single day. We ended the day by letting her run and run and run…of course, she thought it was so fun, but we were secretly hoping it would make bedtime a little easier (it didn’t). And then we had spaghetti. It was pretty much a perfect day for a two-and-a-half year old girl.


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