Life Lately…

Image has been insane. About a month ago, we made the really, really hard decision to sell our house and look for something with a little more space (specifically, more bathrooms). We love this house. It has been perfect for us, but with a growing family it’s getting hard. Anyway, it was on the market for a week and then we got an offer, accepted it, and now we are packing, cleaning, and getting ready to move. The only problem is that we don’t have a house to move into! We expected the selling process to take a lot longer than it did, and now we are about to be homeless. Whoops. Anyone know of a house with at least 2 bathrooms that we could buy?????

ImageImage In the past month, Rose had her first ear infection and turned into an evil little monster for about a week. Ryan and I were seriously scared that our sweet girl was gone forever, but then the anti-biotics kicked in and she was back. I’m usually not crazy about medicine, but I was so thankful for it then. I’ve also been trying to take Rose out on mommy-daughter dates occasionally. We used to everything together, just the two of us, and we were both missing it a little. I mean, I wouldn’t trade Oliver for anything in the world, but I just missed my girly. Her favorite thing to do is get frozen yogurt. She’s obsessed with ballerinas and dancing of any kind, and thinks that any girl doing something cool is a princess. It makes me really happy when she sees a singer or an ice-skater or an aerobics instructor on tv and says “Mommy! A princess!”

Image Image Oliver is chunky and so sweet. He rolls pretty fast now, and surprises me daily with the places he gets stuck. He is sitting up by himself for a few seconds at a time, and chewing on everything. He has two tiny little teeth and rosy cheeks that are the best for kissing. He smiles all the time and has the cutest little giggle that he does when you kiss his neck. He also pulls hair now. Rose is scared to get near him, and I am a little bit, too. He doesn’t sleep well at all. I’m so tired. He always wakes up happy though, so I really shouldn’t complain.

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