Another Update That is Way Too Long.

Image Again, another month has gone by and I’m just now getting around to blogging about what’s going on with us. I’ll try my hardest to keep it short and spare you all the tiny details. My two little cuties are growing and becoming more and more awesome every day. Oliver’s thighs are especially becoming more awesome.

Image We’ve had some crazy weather that has given us way more snow days with daddy at home than usual. It’s been so nice. Rose was a little sick during most of the snow, but we let her go out and play for a few minutes one day. Even when her fingers were frozen and she couldn’t walk more than 2-3 steps without falling, she loved it. I loved watching her try to figure out what was going on. We also had some of our best friends, Randy and Taylor, come visit from NYC and it was so much fun. Rose fell in love with Taylor and still pretends to be her every couple of days. Oliver was pretty much oblivious to all of it, but he was happy.

Image  Valentine’s Day was really fun this year. Of course, they are both still too young to actually get it, but Rose knew it was a special day. We had heart-shaped strawberry pancakes, lots of visitors and sunshine. Oh, and she got to wear a ba-weenah (ballerina) skirt all day. It was a perfect day.

Image Rose Update: This girl is talking SO MUCH. A few of my favorite things she’s said lately…

1. When I was changing Oliver’s diaper a couple of weeks ago, I laid down a blanket under him. She got really serious and said “Mommy, don’t get poop on that.” It was funny. And it was also the first time she said a sentence that long without any pauses to figure out what she was saying.

2. She is constantly asking “Where’d that come from?”…you know how most kids ask “why?” all the time, well she asks where things came from.

3. She now blames stuff on other people (usually people who aren’t even with us). Elmo mostly gets blamed for stuff. One day I asked her what else Elmo did (he had done A LOT that day), and she said “Elmo do lots things”.

She is also finally starting to want to have friends. Adults are still her preference, but she asks to see Sinclair, Clara, and Mamie Jane often. When they’re around, she still freezes up and acts like she’s scared of them, but I’m glad she at least says that she wants to see them…it’s a start. I think.

Also, how do people survive two year olds????? Oh man, it’s hard. It’s funny and crazy and great, but so, so hard.

Image Oliver update: This happy little boy is already almost 5 months old. He fusses sometimes, and gets really mad if you accidentally sneeze and it scares him, but most of the time he is the most laid-back and chill little guy. He is the perfect boy for us. I can’t believe how easy it’s been to adjust to him. I mean, it isn’t easy waking up at night or any of that, but he is easy. He’s started rolling around all over the place and we all love to sit and watch him. Rose was never much of a roller, so it’s fun to see him in action. Sometimes he gets stuck under tables or goes the opposite direction of the toys he wants, and its a little bit sad, but so funny too. He’s still really loud and screams for no reason (I always think it’s a mad scream, and then I look at him and he’s fine, just screaming). Loud noises and movements that are unexpected (like coughing/sneezing or bouncing on a bed) really bother him. He loves Ryan more than anyone, he even cried once when Ryan left the room. He likes me, but he’d go to daddy over me any day (unless he’s hungry). There are so many other wonderful things about this boy that I could write, but it’s 9:45 and I should have been asleep like an hour ago. I wish I was kidding.

One response to “Another Update That is Way Too Long.

  1. oh man…miss y’all!!! I love that Rose asks about Sinclair. We need to get this video pal thing going!! They are precious!!!

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