Cassie is an inspiration.


Ross is 2 11/12. That’s depressing. He loves airplanes and super heroes and firemen and pirates. He changes character everyday which keeps things interesting. Don’t call him Ross if he’s batman and don’t call him batman if he’s David (David and Goliath). He’s turned a new corner and I feel like I’m not having to discipline him every 15 minutes. Don’t judge but he’s still not potty trained. He’s diaper free during the days but not at night. We are working on no diaper during nap time. He’s super sweet and smart and handsome. I love him so.


He has made a few friends at church and one friend that we ran into from Marshall that lives here now. That was pretty cool. Ross loves to read. He loves nursery rhymes and The Jesus Storybook Bible. Italicize, underline? I’m not sure what to do with the title of a book. I only have 3% battery left on the ipad and don’t want to waste battery googling it.

Ross and Anntilley really help reveal my sin. I’m so impatient and belittling and sometimes sarcastic. It’s so easy to be snarky to a 2 year old. Isn’t that horrible? The last few months have been so hard and so great. Sometimes I want a full time job during the day.

Anntilley really likes to expose my sin. I don’t remember ever getting really frustrated with Ross when he was this age. He was a really good big baby. She was a really good infant. She still will not go to anyone but me or Jeff. I really don’t know what to do with her. She can be so sweet and fun, too. And she sleeps well at night. PTL. that means Praise The Lord. I love watching her and Ross interact. It’s pretty sweet.

We still call her sister a lot. Sometimes we call her Tilley and sometimes Anntilley. She is kind of petite which is nice because she is like a little baby still. She has the sweetest little rolls and the sweetest eyes. She is kind of indifferent about nursing but I force a nurse at least 3-4 times a day. She really loves to eat what we’re eating. Her faves are ground beef, black beans, peas of any kind, and eggs. She can eat so much. Like three scrambled eggs for breakfast and a cup of black beans for lunch. Maybe she’ll have a super high metabolism. That would be nice.

Still no teeth. She loves to bend in half, eat paper, stand up, and scream/squeal.

We like okc and Jeff likes his job…mainly because it has a gym. We miss the mountains and the weather. It’s so windy here.



















6 responses to “Cassie is an inspiration.

  1. Yay!!! I was so excited to see that you posted, Landra! I love how honest you are. And it is crazy how hard it is to be in a house with a two year old every day…it can be torture. I’m glad you’re getting good sleep now. You deserve it.

  2. PTL for this update! I’ve missed hearing about y’all. Love all of the pictures. They are both so beautiful. And don’t stress potty training; it will come. And I agree, I love your honesty. It’s my favorite quality about you – your honesty and how genuine you are!

  3. Ross has amazing hair and is so handsome. Most kids aren’t even partly potty trained before 3 so he is very advanced. He is very advanced in a lot of ways actually.

    Antilley’s dimples are TDF. That means to die for. She is a doll face angel princess. She is the perfect size and is also very advanced for eating so well already!!

    Those sleeping pictures are so so sweet.

    Please come visit us. I would come visit you but I refuse to travel ever again with my children.

  4. Don’t know how I’m just now seeing this. I guess because I never blog anymore. But, now I want to. That sleeping pic of Ross and Tilley is amazing. Frame it. I loved seeing y’all ……your kiddos are so sweet!!

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