How is January Almost Over???

I’m trying really hard to blog about what’s going on around here, but it’s just not possible most days. Well, I guess it is possible, but I’d rather sleep/shower/sit in silence instead. I really want to keep record of everything though…mainly so my kids will be able to read about all the stuff they did when they were too young to remember. It’s nothing really exciting, but memories are important. And special.

Image We’ve had some beautiful days lately…it’s warm, but not too warm, sunny and breezy. I love it. I’m a fan of cold weather most of the time, but with a tiny little guy the warm sunshine is just so much easier. We’ve made random trips to the zoo, walked around the neighborhood “looking for cats” (Rose loves doing this), and thrown balls and frisbees around the back yard…it’s wonderful.

Image These two are going to have some fun when he gets a little older. I love watching them now. Rose wants to show Oliver every thing…she is constantly saying “Look, brother!” (“yook, bruddah!”) It’s so sweet to see her trying so hard to interact with him. He mostly just stares at her and rarely gives her the reaction she wants, but when he does smile or even laugh, it’s awesome. She gets so excited. He loves watching her. If she’s in the room, his little eyes are on her. They’re going to be a handful pretty soon, but I can’t wait to see them play together!

Image From the minute Rose wakes up the the morning, until the minute she falls asleep, she is pretending to be something/someone. It’s exhausting to try and keep up with her. Most of the time she is either a baby (named either Oliver, Clara, or Edison), a fairy (tinkerbell or Abby Cadabby), or a ballerina…but sometimes she is a piggy, a puppy, elmo, a mommy, a cook, a krumper (search Krump on youtube if you’re curious), a robot, a princess, or anything else that she happens to see or hear about in a story. I know I say this all the time, but her brain is so incredible. She has yet to master colors, numbers or ABC’s, but I’m ok with that. She has the rest of her life to learn all of that, and right now is maybe the only time it’s ok for her to spend every minute of her life pretending, so I’d much rather her focus on that and let the other stuff happen gradually. She is getting really into reading and pretending she can read, so that’s at least a start! She has a few sentences from several books memorized, and she “reads” them over and over. She is so smart and so much fun to be around. I love my girlie.

Image Oliver will be four months old next week! Crazy. I know. He is, of course, just as amazing as Rose…but in a baby way. He smiles and giggles all the time, and is mostly a super happy little guy. He loves laying on the ground and watching everything around him. Sometimes he even cries to be put down. It is so confusing to me because it is completely different than how Rose was. She wasn’t happy unless she was being held. He likes to be carried around, too, but after a while he just wants to stretch out  and kick is legs a little. He is also so much more vocal than she was. He is LOUD. Hearing his little baby noises is the best…even if it’s in the middle of church. We always make sure to sit around lots of other babies so nobody gets annoyed. He was an almost perfect sleeper until recently. Now nights are pretty rough. He HATES being swaddled and wakes up a million times a night trying to get out of his swaddle blanket, but if he isn’t swaddled his arms go crazy and wake him up, and he also gets cold and I worry about him and can’t sleep. If anyone has suggestions or ideas, please share!!

I miss reading everyone else’s updates…that is a hint.


2 responses to “How is January Almost Over???

  1. Oh man….I really need to blog!! I love reading your updates!! Your kiddos are adorable!! Do you have a Dream Blanket? That thing is amazing and keeps the arms in the swaddle…all to way to, lets say…..9 or 10 months old. hahaha

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