Rose is Two.

Image  Nearly two weeks ago, we celebrated Rose’s second birthday. It is insane that I was pregnant with her, and then I had her, and now she’s been here for two whole years…it seems like she’s been here for about a week, and then sometimes it seems like she’s always been here.

So far, this two year old stuff is super hard and so frustrating a lot of the time, but it’s also hilarious and amazing. She is growing and learning so fast. Here are some things she’s been doing lately:

1. speaking in sentences! Yes, sentences. She was a late talker, and I really thought it would be a while before this happened. They are all very short sentences, but it still makes me so proud every time I hear her say something that actually makes sense. Her favorites include “Here you go, Mama” (anytime she hands me something…which is like 10,000 times a day), “Here you go, Jesus.” (when she puts money in the offering plate on Sunday mornings), “Mama! Come play!” (sometimes in a sweet voice, sometimes in a very demanding voice), and “Mommy change it” (she says this while pointing to her diaper).

2. Getting a lot more selective about foods…she used to be the best eater. Now at least once a day she looks at her plate, pushes it away and says “No, sanks.” (no, thanks).  90% of the time it is food that I know she likes.

3. Screaming. Most of the time she is screaming because she is mad at me for doing terrible things like closing a door, taking my shoes off, throwing dirty diapers in the trash can, or putting my hair in a ponytail. She also screams when she’s excited, too…those screams are great. When Ryan comes home for work, she screams out of joy…but then if he comes inside and takes his hat off, or says hi to me first, or something really horrible like that, the scream instantly turns into an angry scream. We thought Oliver may have hearing problems because he doesn’t react (not kidding), but he’s just used to it, I guess.

4. Doing EVERYTHING herself. I mean everything. Getting dressed (which takes no less than 30 minutes), washing hair/body, cleaning (I’m not complaining about that one), brushing teeth, etc. If I even offer to help, she either starts kicking her feet or stomping them and saying “NO! I DO IT!! I DO IT!”. Then I kindly apologize for being nice.

5. Dancing and being so silly that Ryan and I cry from laughing. She is so shy that other people rarely get to see this side of her, and it makes me sad sometimes, but I also love that she knows that she is free to be and act as crazy as she wants to around us.

There are so many other things I could write about my two-year-old. She is amazing. All the time. Even when I want to lock myself in the bathroom because I feel like my head will explode from trying to figure her out…she’s still amazing.

Image Image


3 responses to “Rose is Two.

  1. Cassie…I love rose! She is so beautiful and smart. i really cant believe she is 2. i also love you and am so proud of you for keeping up with the blog. You are so awesome. Can you do a post about Oliver’s birth…like specific details.

  2. I just teared up. I seriously am in total denial that she is 2. That can’t be. And, that means my kid is nearing 2, also. Oh dear Lord.

    Ros is so awesome!! I love her and can’t wait to see y’all!! I’m also very proud of you for keeping up with the blog. I’m a total slacker….but I’m going to make a New Years resolution to be better!

  3. Awww. I love Rose too! I can’t believe she is 2 yrs old now!! Her party looked so cute! (Sorry I am just now reading this.) Cassie- you are an awesome blogger.

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