I’m Back! For now…

Image  He’s here! He’s been here for over a month, but getting anything at all done with two kids in one house has been pretty impossible, so forgive me for my absence. This is Oliver Ryan Feerer, born October 7th at 1:32am. His entrance into the world was crazy and really painful, but he’s here and he’s perfect. We’re in love with him and his sweet little snuggles.

ImageImage Isn’t he just the cutest?! His hair is my favorite. It’s so beautiful and the it gets super curly when it’s clean (which isn’t that often). I really hope it doesn’t fall out, but I’m guessing it probably will. He’s starting to get little chubby rolls on his thighs and belly, and I love it. Rose started smiling at 5 weeks, and he’s 5 weeks now so I’m getting really excited for that to happen soon! I also can’t wait to hear him laugh…I have a feeling he will have a great laugh.


ImageImage We were so worried about how Rose would adjust to being a big sister, but she has been so, so, so amazing. Really. She didn’t like seeing him nurse the first time, but that has been the one and only thing she hasn’t liked about being a sister. She gets so excited when he wakes up from naps and she wants to help with EVERYTHING. I think she is convinced that he is her baby and that I’m just hanging out with them. If I am holding him/feeding him, etc., she is usually right next to me doing exactly what I am doing with one of her dolls (example: that picture of her breastfeeding her baby). She is so funny. It is so awesome when you see your prayers being answered right in front of you. I won’t lie and say she is 100% perfect…she gets really mad at me a lot more often, but I’d much rather have that than her be mad at Oliver.

ImageImage In the past month we have also been outside a few times (not nearly as much as we’re used to), Rose discovered princesses and loves them (I hoped that would never happen), and we celebrated Halloween by dressing our kids up as a chicken and an egg and taking them to get lots of candy that I ate.

It’s crazy having two little ones, and I honestly don’t know how I make it through some days. I know it will get easier as they both grow and become more independent, and knowing that keeps me sane. They are both so beautiful and incredible. I’m a lucky lady.


4 responses to “I’m Back! For now…

  1. Love this update and LOVE all the pictures of Oliver and Rose (and especially Oliver & Rose together!). The picture of you and Rose with the light coming in behind you is so beautiful too! Thank you for making time to share the joy of Oliver’s arrival and some super sweet moments from his first few weeks!!

  2. Rose is such a great big sister and Oliver is the sweetest little addition to our growing pack of buddies. Rose is so beautiful and so grown up in these pictures. Makes me so sad. You are still super mom, even with two babies. Love y’all.

  3. Cassie!!! Oliver is so precious and perfect. I’m obsessed with his blond hair. The chicken and egg idea is so sweet. I love the pictures of rosé nursing and baby wearing. Can’t wait to hear more!

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