Flo Rida.


Our little family trip to Florida was awesome. We really had a great time and it was awesome to see Sinclair experience the ocean for the very first time.  Key word- experience. I didn’t say ‘love’.  Well, actually she loved looking at the water, talking about the beach and crabs and fish, but she HATED sand. As in screamed and kicked her feet. So, that was neat. We just sat her on a towel and she was pretty content. Then, while she napped every day, Tyler and I switched off going to the beach to actually relax and get a tan. What a silly girl. The trip was great and we can’t wait to go back and try our luck with the sand again someday!

photo 14


photo 7


photo 13


photo 4


photo 3


photo 10


photo 11


photo 9


Sinclair experienced a lot of firsts while we were in Florida. First time to see the ocean, first time to play in sand, first time to ride in a bike trailer, first time to eat a donut, first time to not nap for a whole day (that was fun), first time to watch an entire  Elmo movie (thank God for Elmo), and first time to play in the rain!!

photo 6


photo 16


photo 17


photo 15


Also, while we were in Florida, we celebrated Tyler turning 29 and Sinclair turning 18 months. I still think it is so sweet that Sinclair shares her half birthday with her daddy!

photo 8


We did a little 18 month photo shoot while we were there. Please notice how these pics could not be taken actually ON the beach………so we took them on the cutest walkway and deck to the beach from the house we stayed at!!

















18 months is SO FUN and already proving very challenging. Sinclair is talking all the time…ALL the time. It’s crazy. She loves Elmo, balls, going down slides, climbing everything, pumpkins, cats,  reading books, scribbling, playing with bubbles, and whining. And, boy can she whine. It’s a freaking whinery over here without the benefit of drinking wine. I’m hoping that it’s just these darned incisors coming in, but who ever really knows??!! I had the doc give her a good look over at her 18 month appointment, and she swears Sinclair is doing awesome and is as healthy as can be. I asked her to double check this whining thing.  :) She’s the best……..and 18 months old. How is this happening??

photo 18



4 responses to “Flo Rida.

  1. I love those 18 month pics! She is so precious, even if she whines. The whining will stop someday…I hope. I’m so glad you guys had fun!!

  2. Omg. I love so many things about this post! My fave is the pic of her in the rain. She is so sweet. Hopefully the whining ends soon…Ross is going stronger than ever at 2.5.

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