Feerer Family Update

I’m guessing/hoping this will be my last post before baby boy is born (he is supposed to be here on Thursday!), and after that, who knows when I’ll get a chance to update. I’m still a little nervous about having two kids, but the excitement (and uncomfortable-ness of being pregnant) is starting to outweigh the anxiety. Anyway, here’s what we’ve been up to:


Our small group at church threw a surprise baby shower for us. It was simple and fun, and completely unexpected. We have the greatest group of church friends. We started going to Highland a few years ago and didn’t really know many people at all, and now I feel like we belong there. It’s a really sweet feeling. I’m so glad our kids will get to grow up in such a great congregation and with other families that are so good to them/us.

Image We went to a super fun birthday party for our friend, Dex! It was at the zoo and there was cake, so Rose was basically in heaven for a couple of hours. Well, she was in heaven until the zoo lady asked her to pet a hissing cockroach, and then she was basically in hell for several minutes. The poor girl was scared to death and the only thing that I could do to get her to calm down was to give her an M&M. She’d never had one before and it was just exciting enough to stop the tears. I stop crying for chocolate, too.

Image  We’ve been going and doing as much as possible lately because I know that soon we will be stuck in the house a lot more that either of us is used to. We don’t do too well when we are inside too much, so I’m hoping all these outings will suffice for awhile. In that top right picture, she is saying “eww” because she picked up a wet piece of trash (it was gross), and in that bottom left picture she was recovering from a traumatic bee sighting. This fear of bugs came out of nowhere, and it is major. Last night she refused to eat dinner because a gnat (yes, a gnat…the tiniest bug ever) flew past her head. Once daddy got rid of it, she was fine, but it was an intense few minutes.

Image  Dress-up is one of her new favorite things to do. It’s pretty adorable when she “helps” me do laundry and puts together silly little outfits, then runs to the mirror and says “pitty”. She gets a little frustrated when they’re too long and she trips over them, but it doesn’t seem to stop her from trying. My clothes are all over the house and I think I’m doing a lot more laundry than usual, but it’s still cute. I love watching her play and use her imagination. She seems like such a big kid.

Image  We had the best weekend we’ve had in so long. Friday night we had a family date night that started with a trip to the hot air balloon festival and ended with dinner out…Rose got her own cup, which made it the perfect night for her. Saturday, it poured all day long and we played in the rain, and then Ryan and Rose caught up on some emails together. Sunday morning it was chilly and beautiful when we left church, so we took advantage of it and had brunch outside at Abi-Haus. It was so, so nice. I hope that fall brings us many more weekends like that.


3 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. Rose has the best little personality!!! hahahaha…I love that she’s afraid of bugs…so am i. Can’t wait to meet this little brother!! Love you!

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