Feerer Family Update

Image  We’ve been trying to enjoy the last days of summer around here…although in west Texas, we may be enjoying summerish days late into the fall. Either way, we’re spending  as much time as possible while we can.

ImageImage  Last weekend, my sweet friends threw a baby shower for baby boy and me. Rose and I accidentally wore matching dresses. The shower was so much fun and we got so many great gifts. This little boy is spoiled already. The food was amazing, too. I can never get enough mini quiche or thumbprint cookies. Can somebody else please get pregnant so we can have another shower with shower food? Please?

Image  The last few days have been rainy and cool and so awesome. We’ve filled our time by going to the library (Ryan came with us and tried to teach Rose how to use the computer, but she only wanted to push every single button she could reach), and playing inside. We did run some errands and Rose loved holding the umbrella. I got soaked, but she didn’t care.


2 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. cassie…im so glad that I got to see yall yesterday! your shower looks so awesome. your dress looks awesome too. you don’t even look preg.

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