Johnson update

We found a house. And a church. It’s a Presbyterian church plant…part of acts 29. I like it. There are lots of young families and they serve wine with communion instead of grape juice. And you don’t have to dip the bread in the wine, you get your very own classy shot glass. The first time I ever had alcohol was during communion at a church in Boston. I was horrified when Lindsay Hoefer told me that the reason it tasted weird was because it wasn’t grape juice but wine.

The house is nice too. Built in the 30’s with a shaded back yard. I can’t wait to have three bedrooms again. Poor Anntilley has been sleeping in the laundry room. She is a terrible night sleeper and I was hoping the dark laundry room would help. It hasn’t. I have rage at night when she wakes up. In the past, I occasionally punched my pillow and now really desire to punch a wall. Sometimes I even picture myself making a hole in the wall. I also say the meanest things to Jeff in the middle of the night. And sometimes I squeeze Anntilley really tight and ask her what is wrong with her and tell her to be quiet in a really mean quiet voice. That’s my confession for the day.


We’ve been spending a lot of time at the library and CFA. Ross loves this outfit that my parents got him from Hawaii. He calls it his motorcycle clothes and if he had his way, he’d wear it everyday. Unfortunately, to clear things up, Ross is not potty trained and has accidents almost everyday. The days he doesn’t have an accident are days he wears a diaper. He’s doing a pretty good job though and it’s totally our fault he isn’t completely trained. I just don’t have the willpower to stay at home for three days like the manual tells me too. The idea of staying home for even two days straight sounds like a nightmare.


We’ve had some awesome visitors. First the Biggs, then Jen Weems, then the zellners, then the barhams! It has been so fun!


Ross has had a rough week. Very emotional. He is still so precious to me even if at times I don’t particularly want to be around him. He’s very sweet to his sister and likes to share his toys as long as it is on his terms.



Anntilley is very flexible and can fold in half.


6 responses to “Johnson update

  1. I’m so glad to hear you guys found a house and a church! I know you’ll make loads of friends really fast. Antilley is so beautiful! I wish I could hold those chunky thighs again. Hopefully she’ll start sleeping better soon so you don’t damage your walls ;)

  2. Can’t wait to see pics of the new house!! Tilley is so big…and beautiful!! Hopefully she will stop bring naughty at night. And that motorcycle outfit is SO cute on Ross! Just let him wear it everyday. Come visit us soon.

  3. I love that paragraph about waking up at night. I am SO SORRY you are having so much trouble, and I can totally relate. I promise I have done all of those things you said you do in the middle of the night (plus crying and stomping my feet like a toddler)…it’s so frustrating! It will get better though. And I will be praying that it happens soon for you. Ross looks super cute in his motorcycle suit.

  4. Landra! I’m so happy you guys found a house! Um…..I’m a monster at night too, you are not alone sister. Praying annetilley sleeps! And you tame the crazy…only a little bit though because I really love that part about you :).


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