We Went to the Fair.

Image  Every year I look forward to the fair. I don’t know why. I don’t like many rides, it’s usually super hot, and it is WAY too expensive…but still, when September comes I get excited about it. The food is good (and really, really bad), maybe that’s why I love it? Anyway, we went last night with some friends and it was pretty fun. Last year I wanted to take Rose on the Ferris Wheel, but it was raining. This year, they had a a picture of a pregnant woman with a big X through it sitting right in front of the entrance, so again we couldn’t ride it. Maybe next year.

Image  Ryan found a ride that he could ride with Rose, and she loved it. She’s not too happy in this photo because it was over and she wasn’t quite ready to get out of her elephant.

ImageImage  A little later we met up with some friends for dinner and some petting zoo fun. We keep adding more kids to the group and it keeps getting crazier (in the best was possible). Also, can everyone take a look at how HUGE my belly is? I swear this kid is going to be a giant. Prayers are appreciated.

ImageImage  We let Rose try some new things…like root beer and the greasiest french fries ever made. She actually stole the fries from Ryan’s plate, but we didn’t fight her for them. It’s once a year, right? It won’t kill her. She also had a bite of my funnel cake, and she wasn’t too impressed. I was though. It was awesome. We did manage to find her some corn, so it wasn’t a total junk food fest.

ImageImage As usual, the petting zoo was the highlight of the evening for Rose. We didn’t get any food for the animals, so she was a little upset with us. She still had fun and begged for more when we were done.

Here are a couple other cute pictures from the night:



4 responses to “We Went to the Fair.

  1. Cassie…I have so much to say but all I can think about is all that awesome food!
    #1 you are about to have a baby!!!! And you look totally awesome. And cool with those boots. And skinny.

    #2. I really want some of that root beer. And aggie fries and funnel cake.

    #3. Rose and Ryan are a pretty cute duo on the dumbo ride.
    I really wish that I could go to the west tx fair and rodeo.

  2. Cassie! You are too cute! Your belly is perfect and you look actually skinny. And stylish. So, I’m double-jealous.

    Can’t wait to see your baby boy!! And I’m sorry I wasn’t able to see you last weekend :( please have him on or around your due date because I will be in town. Thanks.

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