Feerer Family Update

Image   Once again, we haven’t really been up to much. When we can manage to escape the heat and the thousands of mosquitoes that follow us around, we’ve been spending time outside. Mostly at the park because it wears Rose out and she takes good naps…and that means I can also take a nap. She also really likes the park, so it works out well for both of us.

Image  She’s also picked up a new hobby…carrying a camera around and saying “cheese”. No matter how many times I try to teach her to face the lens away from her face, she won’t do it. If that camera actually worked, we’d have a lot of pictures of her eyes. And maybe a few of her nose, too. We walk around the yard early in the mornings and “take pictures” before the mosquitoes wake up.

Image  We’ve also been trying our hardest to get ready for this baby brother that will be here in 4 weeks (hopefully). Rose loves all the baby stuff, but the rock-and-play is her favorite. I had to move it to a room that she isn’t in all the time so that she doesn’t get too attached.

She’s also doing so many adorable things right now…like saying “no way!” when she really doesn’t want to do something (it’s not always adorable, but sometimes it is), saying “oh man!” when something cool happens, like she gets to use some chapstick or something, and whispering every new word that she learns until she is confident enough to say it loudly. She’s also insisting on doing most things on her own. I’m trying to let her, but it’s not easy for a controlling type like myself. This is my favorite new thing:


And this is my least favorite (I’m laughing, but it’s really not that funny…and I think Ryan may have been being sneaky, too):

One response to “Feerer Family Update

  1. Rose is so pretty and smart! She looks adorable with that camera. When I click the links for the videos, it says that the video is private. :(

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