Anntilley 5 months Ross 2.5 years


I really cannot believe Anntilley is 5 months old. She’s started having a little naughty bone and cries way more than when she was a little baby. It makes the beginning of her life seem like a breeze. She’s still so precious and I’m still obsessed. She likes Sophie the giraffe, Ross, her feet, and her dad, finally. She smiles, talks, and kicks a lot. She also cries when she can’t reach her toy, when Ross won’t stop kissing her, and when she’s in her car seat. She’s started waking up again at least once per night. And she’s usually up by 6:30 cooing. She weighs about 15lbs 8 oz.





I’m really shocked that Ross is 2.5. Here he is when he was born. Not quite as perfect looking as I remember. But still one of the sweetest things I have ever laid eyes on.



He started school last week. He goes one day per week. He is seriously so sweet and seriously so 2. He sometimes has emotional outbursts that really drive me nuts. The littlest things set him off and sometimes when I tell him that we are or are not going to do something, he says, “don’t say that mama, don’t say that.” To which I say, “I can say to you whatever I want to say because I’m your mom and I’m the boss.” To which he replies, ” don’t say that mama. Daddy’s the boss.” This leads to major frustration. He definitely keeps us entertained.


He is super sweet, too. He sometimes asks me if I’m happy and tells me that I’m nice or sweet. It’s really precious. He also adores Anntilley. It is so neat seeing them interact. He sometimes gives her his toys to hold and chew on. I just love him so much.



Okc is good. It’s not Denver. It is hot and humid. We are having a sort of difficult time finding a house. And live on the 3rd floor. I’ve probably said that before but I need to say it again because I want you all to feel sorry for me.

The Ben Biggs family drove through okc from Nebraska and stayed with us for a few nights. It was so fun. Ben and Hannah are the most knowledgable YouTube people ever. The kids love each other and were perfect the whole weekend.



I think Jeff looks so cute and funny in his field work clothes.



6 responses to “Anntilley 5 months Ross 2.5 years

  1. Hope you guys find a house soon and get off of the 3rd floor! Eliana is doing exactly the same thing with the crying… I keep thinking “Where did my easy baby go?” Now she SCREAMS if she wants to be held. Glad you guys are doing well :)

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