Feerer Family Update

ImageSo far, Rose has only taken one nap in her big bed. It’s my fault…I am afraid we’ll have a few really hard nights when we decide to make the transition for real, and I just don’t want any hard nights right now. I never will, I know. But right now, I really, really want to sleep when I can. And I want her to also. We’ll get there someday!

ImageShe’s doing lots of other big girl things, too. Like carrying a phone and a purse EVERYWHERE. I try to leave them in the car when we are out and about (so they don’t get lost), but if we’re at home they are in her hands just about all the time. It’s cute, and funny…but also makes me wonder (and get nervous) about the days to come. The teenage days, specifically.

ImageWe bought that little green chair for her to sit in outside, but she refuses to leave it out there. Somehow it always ends up back in the house. Lately, she’s been dragging it around from room to room while I get ready or do laundry, etc. and she just sits and plays/watches me. It’s nice. I have tripped over the chair a few times, which is not so nice, but I can deal with that if she’s content.

ImageWe’ve done a lot of fun stuff, too. Like trips to the farmers market several times a week because we discovered Israel melons and we’re addicted, and also because Rose started liking zucchini again and I’m taking advantage of it. We went to the splash pad and played until it was too crowded with big, rough kids, drew on the chalkboard we finally finished, and Rose (with the help of her daddy) learned that there are hundreds and hundreds of puppy videos on youtube. I was not happy about the puppy videos (because she wants to watch them ALL THE TIME), but I’m trying to be a nice mom and let her watch a couple a week. It drives me nuts though. They may save me when I’m stuck nursing a newborn in a few weeks, so I shouldn’t complain.


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