Feerer Family Update

Image   Rose was sick for the majority of the week, so we had a lot of cuddle time. There was also a lot of whining/screaming/miserable time, but the cuddling makes it worth it (sort of).

Image   When she was finally feeling better, she helped me make some smoothies…which means she mostly just ate the ingredients I asked her to put in the blender, but she was happy and that’s all I needed. The only thing that makes her as happy as going outside is helping me in the kitchen. It’s actually so nice to have a couple of little hands handing me stuff or rinsing dishes…I hate that she’s big enough to be such a helper, but I’m thankful she enjoys doing it for now.

Image   Ryan took us on a date to a museum. It was a little over her head, but she loved the carriage. She played in it while Ryan and I took turns looking around at other stuff. It was perfect.

Image  We rearranged Rose’s room to make room for a big girl bed (she isn’t sleeping in it yet, and I’m not sure I’m ready for her to), and she loves sitting in the big chair and reading books now. That chair has always been in her room, but for some reason she never showed interest in it until it was by the window. I love watching her sit there and “read”.

Here is a video of her with her new bed. It looks pretty depressing right now, but we’re working on that! She LOVES it. Well, she loves playing on it…I don’t know how much she’ll love sleeping on it. We’ll see!


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