The Tracy iPhone Diaries.


This girl is crazy, y’all. It is seriously amazing to watch her personality evolve. And what a personality she has!! She makes the silliest faces all the time, says ‘ball’ and ‘mommy’ about one million times a day, still loves ‘Melmo’, loves reading the same books over and over, wants to dip everything in ketchup (ooops) and still loves her music loud. Try not to judge me for letting my kid listen to the radio. I love rap music and look how great I turned out :)

Sinclair’s PaPaw and Grandma came to visit her. She loves when they come! We went to  the park, went shopping, played in the water fountains, and got frozen yogurt (for the only second time in her life…she loves it)!!






Sinclair surved her first full morning of child care at church. It was truly a miracle. All glory to God.  I still didn’t hear much of the sermon because I was worrying about her, but things can surely only improve from here!



Sinclair loves to put make-up on with me. It is so cute and slightly annoying.  I currently can’t find my mascara.


She loves to hang out with her friends and is becoming less and less reserved around them.


And, once or twice a day I find her sitting in her chair looking at books. She’ll sit there for a good 20 min but if she catches me looking over at her she’ll look at me like below and bring books over to me to read. She is too smart.




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