Johnson update

The last month has been a whirlwind. Jeff’s niece, Jamy, came in town. We had a lot of fun. Ross still asks about his friend “Jani.”


We dressed up like cows and got free breakfast at CFA. And Ross learned how to put his shoes on.


We celebrated the fourth.



Jeff and I and anntilley went to the best concert in the whole wide world. It was seriously so good. We went to see Prairie Home Companion . It is a NPR radio show. It was seriously so fun and moving and light hearted and clever and entertaining and I should have used a comma somewhere in there. It was at red rocks theatre which is also the best theatre in the world. It’s outdoors and magnificent. The weather was so awesome too. It was a great night. I already miss Denver but I am trying to be positive so I won’t go on.


We also went to this really cool little amusement park. Ross was a little dare devil and road all kinds of rides. We went a second time when my parents came and now I’m obsessed with it.


While there, we ran into Mando who is famous from a reality tv show competition about designing clothes. I can’t remember what it’s called.


We tried to squish in lots of colorado activities. We went to the largest, most disgusting restaurant in colorado called Casa Bonita. It had caves, a waterfall, a cliff diver, puppet shows, and who knows what else. We couldn’t take in all the excitement and left early.

We picked berries at a farm.


We went to the mountains.

Anntilley turned FOUR months. How did this happen!?! She sleeps through the night most of the time, she hates her car seat, she’s not too crazy about Her dad, and she laughs sometimes when getting her diaper changed. She rolled over once and nurses 5-6 times a day. She loves Ross and smiles at him often. She was such a good baby at the beginning and has recently become a more demanding baby. She seriously screams until she gags when in the car unless I’m sitting in the back with her.

Weight-15 lb 12.5 oz 74%
Height-24.75 in 55%
Head-16 in 95%

She has a big head.



And she loves her feet. And loves to drool.


My parents came and helped me get ready to move. Jeff had already left :(.

Ross got bit on the ear by a mosquito. He’s allergic.


We went to an awesome bday party.


And the kids and I flew to okc. Hopefully our last flight together without Jeff. Anntilley has a bowl cut.



4 responses to “Johnson update

  1. Your kids are so cute. Anntilley is getting so big and her little smile is so cute. I hope now that you live in OKC, you’ll come to Abilene more often?

  2. 1. I love all the information crammed into this post!!
    2. Ross looks like such a big boy… :(
    3. Sister girl is adorable, and I love her 4th of July outfit!
    4. Miss you guys so much. I can’t wait to hear how you’re settling in to your OK home.

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