Florida Part 2: St. Augustine

Image   Ryan grew up near St. Augustine, so he wanted to take Rose and I there for a couple of days while we were in Florida. It was a long drive and I was not happy about going until we got there. Of course, we spent some time on the beach there and Rose had a blast looking for shells. The water was colder and a lot rougher than it was in Panama City, so she and I spent most of our beach time in the sand. It was a much prettier beach than I expected, so that was nice.

Image   The old downtown area in St. Augustine is awesome. The city is the oldest occupied settlement in the U.S. and all of the original streets and buildings are still there and being used. The streets are too narrow for cars, so it’s all foot-traffic (which is perfect for a toddler who has spent way too much time in the car). This picture is not good at all, but if you ever have the chance to visit St. Augustine, do it. You’ll have fun.

ImageImage   Most of Ryan’s family still lives in the area, so some of his aunts and cousins met up with us for a day. Rose loved her second cousin, McKenzie, and let her carry her around a lot…it was great to have a helper. Also, aren’t they so beautiful?

I hope we get to go back there someday when I’m not pregnant and we have more time to hang out. It’s a great place.


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