We are moving


But not to Canada…to Oklahoma City! Moving is bitter sweet. We will be closer to family and friends but far from the mountains and city we have grown to love. It’s so funny how just a year ago I really disliked Denver and now I love it and would love to move back here. Our friends are great, the hamburgers are great, the weather is great, the scenery is great, everything is great here! Except for the whole legalizing marijuana thing. I don’t think that’s so great.

We have known for about a month that this might happen so we have been trying to squeeze in lots of activities and make the most of our time here.

I’m so thankful for our time here and think that of all the places we have lived, we learned the most here. About practical things, like snow shoveling, how to keep bears away, and to be below the tree line before noon so that lightening wouldn’t strike your head, and about our faith and our motives for doing what we do and believing what we believe. The culture here has stretched us and helped expose our (my) judge mental nature. I feel like our church reintroduced the gospel to us in a fresh and completely biblical way and I love that when we meet our community group for prayer, having a beer is ok even though beer is gross. A few years ago, I judged this behavior. Whoops.

I love living here because there is no pressure. I seriously go to the store in my pjs and I NEVER wear make up. Never. And I should…I’m not one of those girls.

Jeff says that I should be happy that we are moving to OKC because there aren’t as many skinny girls there. He’s always looking on the bright side!

5 responses to “We are moving

  1. Landra, I’m so sorry you have to leave a place that you love so much. Maybe you’ll end up loving OKC just as much! And it is awesome that you’ll be closer.

  2. 1-you are such a good writer.
    2-you ARE one of those girls who doesn’t need makeup.
    3- you are a skinny girl. Duh.
    4-I’m sorry you have to leave Denver but I’m not sorry that I will be able to drive to see you in 3 hours or less!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank God you’re not moving to Canada. I’m so excited you’ll be closer…but sad that you’ll miss Denver. But happy you’ll be closer. Have I mentioned that yet?

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