16 months old.





I know everyone says it….but seriously how is this happening?? My little nugget is 16 months old today. She is changing so much every single day and is amazing us at how fast she is learning! Here’s what we’ve been up to for the past month….


Sinclair went to visit dada at work and made a few sales calls while she was there. She also drew a crowd of admirers.


We’ve been playing outside a lot. Sinclair’s favorite thing to do right now is go to the park, chase her ball around, and then make me climb to the top of the play ground thing and slide down the big slide with her…about 13 times.  She’s obsessed. The great thing about the park right now is that there are summer camp kids playing there. They love Sinclair and help her navigate around the equipment and play ball with her. Built in park babysitters? I’m not complaining.



She also loves our new neighborhood pool (or should I say water park). It’s amazing.



Sinclair went to her friend Mason’s first birthday party at the pool and ate a lot of food. She also went to her cousin’s birthday party at the jump around place and seriously had a blast.


Biggsbirthday16months-2It rained almost every single day last week…which was really annoying. While being held hostage inside, Sinclair discovered Elmo (her new bff), loved playing with my bracelets, and perfected her nose picking skills.






She is quite the little snuggle bug these days. Man, do I love this kid.



Sinclair is talking a ton and climbing on everything! Her favorite words right now are: ‘More’ – which she says any time she wants anything…which is often, ‘Ball’ (all day), ‘PaPaw’, ‘Juice’ (she loves apple juice right now), ‘Bananda’ (this girl could put away 6 bananas a day if I let her), ‘Melmo’ (her new bff), ‘Mommy’- so cute, ‘Poopoo’ (after she poops and as she holds her crotch), ‘shoo’- remember how she hated shoes? No more….LOVES them. What a sweetie girl.




6 responses to “16 months old.

  1. GAH! Could she be any sweeter? Watching this little sugar pie just love on Clara made my heart swell. She is a little angel!

  2. Mere…I agree with everyone else. She is so sweet and beautiful and stylish. And I love her hair and sunglasses.

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