We have been taking advantage of this beautiful colorado weather and camping. We don’t have to drive far to find a great site. I really hate my feet feeling gritty but I just have to accept that it comes with camping.

A few weeks ago, we camped out near Pike’s Peak near Colorado Springs…people here call it “the springs”. We aren’t that cool. It was so fun. The campsite had a pool and splash pad. And a pancake breakfast.



Ross and Anntilley loved the pool and if you didn’t notice, Jeff got transition lenses. I am trying to maintain a positive attitude about them.

We weren’t able to go to the summit because it was too high for Anntilley. It was still so beautiful. Ross loves to climb and it really makes me nervous.




My parents came in the next week to visit. I love when they come. We met Jeff for lunch at the food trucks and Ross played the piano downtown. I’m sure a homeless person has urinated on that piano.




We also went camping in Grand Lake, Co. It was amazing. So beautiful. I wish I had a picture of the actual lake.



3 responses to “Camping

  1. Lanny – This is my first comment on a blog…EVER! Y’all are so hip & cool to go camping all the time. Espesh with Mawk & Jan. They’re hip & cool grandparents, no doubt.

  2. I miss you guys so bad. The positive attitude about the lenses *thumbs up* because its just responsible to take care of your eyes. Responsible is cooler than calling places nicknames.

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