Anntilley is 3 months


Anntilley turned three months old on the 22nd. She weighs 14 and a half pounds and still wakes up at least once a night to eat. She doesn’t cry much and sometimes when she smiles, she scrunches her nose. It’s so sweet. She really hates tummy time so we rarely do it. She can sit in the bumbo so that counts, right?


If I wear her, she sleeps forever. It’s amazing. She’s starting to smile at Ross…it’s so sweet. Ross is still being so nice to her. He has started wanting her to play with him which has caused a few teachable moments…like..don’t put the fire truck on sisters head…and don’t get sister with the sword, she doesn’t like that. It’s not a real sword, just a vacuum cleaner attachment.


I still am not too comfortable with her name and mostly call her sister, baby, pretty girl, beautiful girl, or just plain girl. Sometimes I even forget how to spell her name.


She is a sweet sweet gift to our family and I am really thankful for her and her brother and her dad.



6 responses to “Anntilley is 3 months

  1. Just substitute my name and a few pronouns and Ann and I have very similar stories. Beautiful girl…Mere and I are living with a one year old at the moment. Can guys have baby fever?

  2. Lanny. OMG. SHe is seriously beautiful!!!! She is growing so much and is seriously adorable!!!! Look at all that hair, too!!!

  3. Tilley is SOOOOOOO beautiful!!! I am dying! Please enter her into a baby beauty pageant. She will win.

    Also, Ross is so tan and handsome. I wish I could see yall in person.

  4. She looks so much bigger, Landra!! And like everyone else said, she is beautiful. Ross looks like such a sweet big brother.

  5. I love that sweet smile with her nose scrunched up! Ross is such a sweet big brother. I love how Ross says her name: “Annnn…TILLEY”

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