Feerer Family Update

Image  This week, Rose decided she’s not into the toddler section at the park. She wanted to do the big kid stuff. I’m glad Ryan was there, I don’t think I could’ve lifted her up to those monkey bars.

Image   She’s also going through a phase of thinking cleaning is really fun. I’m taking advantage of it and teaching her how to do as much as she can. She dusts the bookshelves and windowsills a few times a week, and when I sweep she carries the dust pan full of floor dirt to the trash can and empties it for me…it’s a pregnant mom’s dream-come-true. She also sometimes pours (or spits) water on the floor so that she can get a paper towel and clean it up herself.

Image  We also took a little trip to the state park. It was hot, but fun. I used to go there all the time as a kid, and most of looks exactly the same. I loved taking Rose to see it and explore. The lake was pretty sad and depressing though. I have so many memories of fishing there and playing in the water, but I don’t think I’d let her step foot in it now. I think we seriously need to pray for some rain.


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