Johnson update

Our dear friend Jenny came to visit. We had lots of fun hiking and eating.


On this hike, we had to walk up a boulder field. This is probably something you shouldn’t do with a two year old. I am surprised that there isn’t at least one picture of Ross sitting on a rock and throwing a fit. The end result, called Saint Mary’s Glacier, was worth it and helped us forget about the pain of the ascent.


We have also been working on our garden. These strawberries are delicious and we have eaten all five of them. We haven’t tried the garlic yet.


Ross is a funny funny boy. We love him so much and we laugh a lot. We have had fun going to the library, petting zoo, and train.


He loves nursery rhymes and is starting to repeat them…it’s really cute and funny.

Anntilley is a doll baby and slept through the night two times! It was a short lived miracle!



3 responses to “Johnson update

  1. I love that video of Ross! He is getting so big now, and I love hearing him talk!! Also, how adorable is Anntilley?! So happy for you guys. Post more videos!!!

  2. I really wish I could go hiking and see pretty stuff like you do all the time. Ross and Anntilley are so lucky to grow up in such a fun place.

  3. I loved my visit so much! I feel so special to have made your blog. The highlights of the trip for me were:
    – the food trucks & that amazing frilled cheese sandy
    – it raining on our picnic hike & Ross being unhappy about it
    – those GIANT boulders we had to climb to get to the glacier
    – the beautiful scene at the top once we made it
    – you giving out your number that one mom at the top to schedule a play date
    – her husband’s giant handgun
    – falling down on the snow while carrying Ross
    – bribing Ross with fruit snacks to walk down the mountain
    – eating the smallest & most expensive desserts ever at that fancy place & Anntilley giving you a surprise bath once we got there
    – making 4 curtain panels in 2 hours

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