We went to Moab, Utah for memorial Day weekend. It was a blast. Apparently we aren’t the only ones who think Utah looks like mars. Disney’s John Carter was filmed in Moab as was ConAir.


On our way to Moab, we stopped in Vail to eat lunch and watch Ross play. Vail is seriously for the rich and famous. It was the most manicured town I have ever seen. I felt really out of place. The playground was so awesome and the river was so beautiful.


We bought a pop up camper off of Craigslist in Arkansas last spring and are so excited to put it to good use this summer. Ross loves it.


Moab was a pretty cool town. Just really red. And there wasn’t much grass and it seemed like the only tree that could grow there was cottonwood. There was cotton everywhere. Ross thought it was snow.

While in Moab, we went on a pretty severe hike at Arches National Park. It was really hard…or maybe we are really out of shape. Or maybe I’m just really out of shape.




Ross got lots of compliments on his hat and his ability to climb rocks. People from all over the world were at this arch and a group of Asian girls loved Ross and took their picture with him. I was one proud mama. No one even new Anntilley was around.


Other things happening…

Jeff and Ross went to another Rockies game. They are best buds.


We went on a fun hike close to home. Ross thinks that we are going on a bear hunt because of the precious book, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.”


Anntilley is a sweet angel. I’m so glad that she’s in my life and can’t remember what it was like before her…with the exception of only having one child to get out of the car…and sleeping. I remember those things.


2 responses to “Moab

  1. So glad y’all are getting to use the camper, and look at all of these awesome places you are getting to visit! I’m jealous!!

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