The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

My kid will not wear shoes. She has a lot of really cute ones, but just WILL NOT wear them. She screams in the car if she can’t pull them off and if she can pull them off- she does. People look at me weird at the mall when she’s barefoot and the other day she cut her big toe on a rock. Does anyone have suggestions about how to get her to like shoes? I really shouldn’t be surprised, though. This girl has always had a mind of her own…..









Sinclair is getting a lot more brave these days. She has a sweet cautious personality so far, but that is slowly starting to change. She’s really into climbing lately.







We’ve been spending a lot of time outside- playing with water, swinging, going on walks, and working out with other Moms and kiddos. Look at this little duck family we saw earlier this week at the park.



Speaking of working out, Sinclair and her friend Madeline did some push-ups together the other night during community group.



We got to see our friends, Heath and Chelsea, over Memorial day weekend!! They live in Nashville and we don’t get to talk often, but we always pick right back up where we left off when we are reunited. We love them!! We got the friends and kiddos all together and it was a blast to see the babies play together!









Also, AMANDA had her baby!!!!!! Copeland (Martin) is so adorable and so big (9 lbs. 4 oz.).  There are two Copelands now, so this could get confusing. Here is Copeland Biggs, my little cutie pie nephew:



And, here is brand new Copeland Martin!! I am so happy you are finally here, buddy!







One response to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. I say, let her be barefoot if it doesn’t bother her (until it is freezing…then you may have to buy hightops or something she can’t get off). She is a great climber…she is definitely brave! I want to see her again…soon!

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